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Black & white photo of Kelly, masked, standing behind a table and art display. On the left are shirts and art on the tables.
Color photo of Kelly holding a banjo & smiling with their mouth closed. Their dog is on the left and they're both in a van.


(they/them) • Zines Stickers Block Prints Clothes Illustrations

Sundrawn Pines is a queer, nonbinary, Jewish, disabled and chronically ill multidisciplinary artist, photographer, printmaker, illustrator, zine creator & music maker. They live on the road, mostly in the Southwest, with their senior dog, Applesauce. Their art & music explore grief, growth, identity, chronic illness, social justice, nature, survivorship, mental health & creating new worlds.

Product gallery

Healing Is Not Linear Sticker


Masking Is Community Care Sticker


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