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About the TNET Store

The TNET Store is the webstore run by TNET (Transgender/Nonbinary Education & Trainings), an agency founded and staffed solely by Charlie Alexander (they/them) and Stacy Fatemi (they/them). TNET was created to make the world a better place for trans people through education, usually with cis people as an audience. The TNET Store has some of the same purpose, while also directly benefiting the trans/nonbinary/gender-diverse creators whose work is sold here!

The merchandise sold here on the TNET store doesn't have to be educational, but it is all made by trans/nonbinary people, and anyone can purchase it regardless of cis/trans status!

To learn more about TNET itself, please visit our main site at Happy shopping! ❖

*In an effort to uphold TNET's values when it comes to accessibility, all content made by TNET co-owners will include multiple versions for folks with various access needs. It is the TNET standard to provide a variety of avenues to access our content. While we cannot guarantee that other creators have the same ethos, TNET does guarantee to continue working toward fully accessible and inclusive content (a goal we should all have in mind). Please reach out if there is a piece of content not accessible to you and we will always do our best to accommodate you.

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