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TNET Store Product Information Gathering Form

Now that you've filled out the information for your vendor page, it's time to get the product information in!

Product info

There are two options for vending.

  1. You could just have the vendor page, which'd be featured in a list with every other vendor on the TNET Store. The vendor page lists all the information you've already entered above, but instead of your products being sold directly by us through the TNET Store, we link to your website(s) and/or place of business so customers can buy directly from you. So, why fill out all the information below? This is a chance to showcase your products to encourage customers to take the plunge and click on your link! This option does not include the purchase of any products by TNET.

  2. You'll get the vendor page (as described above), AND we could buy the products wholesale from you to resell as products on the TNET Store. We'd buy it from you at 50% of the price you list below to be sold by us at 100% of the price you list below. We'd discuss how many units would be good to start out with, we'd pay you for that many units, and you'd send them to us. This gets you paid immediately after agreeing on a quantity, and we do all the work of selling and shipping it.


Keep in mind that we may not have the capacity to buy your products to sell directly from our site at this time. However, selecting either option gets you a vendor page.

Which of these options do you prefer for this product?

Please write a description to be used on the product page (or your vendor page's gallery). You can be as descriptive as you like. The TNET team will take care of formatting this description (with bold, italic, etc.) if we purchase the product. If you have strong feelings about bold, italic, text color, etc. you can specify these in HTML-style angle brackets. If you need a certain word or group of words to be a clickable link, use square brackets and parentheses as shown below:

[text that will be clickable](the URL that it should go to)

The info sections described in these paragraphs of text are only available on product pages, not vendor pages. If you selected "just list it on my vendor page", please move on to the product photo(s) fields below and only upload one photo per product.


You can have up to 2 info sections for each product. These are expandable/collapsible tabs below the "add to cart" button. The first info section for every product on our webstore is "Details". TNET will take care of this section for you based on the information you've listed above. If there's anything you'd like to add, please put it in the "Extra details" box below.

For the other optional info section, please title the section and write it as you'd like it to appear on the webstore. As an example, The Pronoun Zine has an info section titled "Background", which is about how the zine came to be.

Upload a photo
Upload a 2nd photo?
Upload a 3rd photo?
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Upload a 7th photo?
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Upload a 9th photo?
Upload a 10th photo?

Thanks for submitting! If that was the last product you wanted to add, then you're all done now! To add another product, just refresh this page and fill out the form again. We'll be in touch soon!

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